What You Shouldn’t Do When Selling a House


Selling a house is not an easy task.

It takes your time, effort, money and drains you emotionally. Moreover, you might end up with no buyers after investing your blood and sweat into the process.

That means it’s well worth putting in a little extra work up front to make sure that your house gets sold.

While the only surefire way to sell a house in St Louis is through a house buying company, there are a few things you might be doing that are hindering the sale.

So without further ado, here are the top things you shouldn’t do when selling your St Louis house:

1. DON’T think emotionally

If you’ve lived in a house for a long time, it’s not easy to sell it. With all the memories you’ve created in it, it’s practically part of your family!

The mindset above is going to be an enormous obstacle to your sale. Detach emotionally from your home and look at it as an item you’re selling; not your home. This will help you in a number of ways.

First, you’ll suffer less emotional trauma when you see absolute strangers criticizing your house.

Second, you’ll be able to dodge the overpricing bullet. Many sellers overprice their houses due to the sentimental value the house holds to them.

Unfortunately, buyers don’t care about the good times you spent in the house and will simply walk away if they think the price is too high.


2. Not hiring an agent

Who needs an agent, right? How hard could it be to set a competitive price, deal with any legal issues and spend hours showing buyers the house?

A real estate agent can be a lifesaver. A good agent will have sold hundreds of houses and will bring their experience to the table. There are hundreds of mistakes you may make; an agent will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Agents also save you tons of time, since they already have a network of potential clients they can connect to they will advice you that we buy houses fast and will try and sign you up there & then. It maybe a good decision.

A simple phone call from an agent could trump hours of fruitless research on your part.

As an added benefit, agents can interact with buyers for you. This can help reduce the emotional impact of selling your home.


3. Overpricing

buy-houses-fastOverpricing is one of the worst things you can do when selling your house. Buyers will compare your house’s price to others in the area, and they’ll simply walk if they notice a huge discrepancy.

An overpriced house can languish on the market of months and will be caught up in a vicious cycle. Buyers don’t buy it because it’s been on the market for long and since buyers don’t buy it, it ends up languishing on the market for even longer.

Remember that stale property is everyone’s worst nightmare.

Of course, if you need to sell your house quickly, you can look for signs that say ‘we buy houses in St Louis’. Companies that advertise ‘we buy houses St Louis’ are essentially house buying companies. Such companies operate throughout the year and usually buy houses ‘as is’ in a very short amount of time.

You may not get a huge profit when using a ‘we buy houses’ company, but you sure will get it sold quickly.